Improving patients’ life quality through the cure of eyes and sight-related problems.

Doctor Marco Alberti practices medicine since 1982 covering every branch of ophtalmology.

Until today he performed refractive surgery operations with Lasik, Lasek and Prk techniques;

cataract surgeries, keratoplasty surgeries, operations on keratoconus, glaucoma, adnexa, iris;

vitreoretinal operations, as well as operations on the lacrimal duct.

Doctor Alberti devotes to each patient a “non standard” time which allows him to do every possible diagnostic investigation- if needed- in one sole location.

This gives the patient the comfort of ending the first examination obtaining: a diagnosis, diagnostic investigations and an indication to a treatment or surgery.

This way of action has fundamental perks; it results in a time saving experience for the patient as well as in reduction of anxiety due to the often longer waiting period to obtain a diagnosis.

Doctor Alberti follows each and every patient from the first examination to the last post-operatory check-up creating a relationship based on trust, continuity and reliability.

Every surgical approach is customized for each patient and his needs.

Doctor Alberti performs each surgery caring not only for the patient’s eye pathology but also for the patient itself, a person who may have other concomitant diseases, as well as special needs.

Diagnosis and treatments are given in structures which have modern advanced instruments.

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